Narrative of Muslim America with Edina Lekovic Ep. 4

Narrative of Muslim America with Edina Lekovic Ep. 4 May 18, 2015

Narrative of Muslim America features Edina Lekovic; the Director of Policy and Programming at the Muslim Public Affairs Council. In this blog-ver-sa-tion, Edina will discuss 3 important phases of her life growing up; as the skateboarder, her college days, we were about to discuss her professional work but the conversatrion was so fun, we only discussed two interesting phases. She speaks about applying a Compassionate Leadership approach to her work, and this is how she leads against a current, by having a firm sense and a rhythm of compasssion.



What Create A Voice, learned from Edina Lekovic…

The “glass ceiling” has been challenged and it’s now being cracked, by the intelligent leadership of women reshaping the world, as it should be. America is now beginning to apply new leadership approaches, in order to facilitate its new diverse society. More voices are rising into public arenas, not only asking for their civil rights accordingly, but are asking for their human birth rights for matters of equality and existence. At the helm of this movement are compassionate women who represents ~ common ground and solidarity.

The Arabic word for community is Ummah, and its root word is Umm which means “Mother.” It is no surprise to understand and see our Sisters leading social justice actions. Their innate motherhood qualities will not allow injustice to exist within the home. We acknowledge our sisters, are Mothers of Societies, and we are their children and justice is what they want for their global families. #createavoice

 Our Intention with Narrative of Muslim America

Create-A-Voice will feature this blog-ver-sa-tion about Muslim America. Our objective is ~ to capture, own, and institutionalize our powerful narrative. Feature change-making personalities, and simply engage their thoughts.

I will open my network of various Muslims and Leaders who are leading extraordinary lives. People of different backgrounds, and occupations all working to make a global difference. These Narratives are simple conversations, and my intention is to spark a renaissance that establishes our most powerful Muslim narratives ~ respectively.

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