Watchman for Daybreak Watch

Watchman for Daybreak Watch April 2, 2014

Writing continued on Watchman for Daybreak in a somewhat desultory fashion; I had the flu most of last week, and blogging takes precedence. But I’ve now got over 5,000 words written, and the last thousand of that is for a scene that’s going to need a fair amount more work. In short, I’m moving onward with (modified) vigor. The earlier scenes probably need some more description as well, to give a better sense of place. Also, I wrote rough drafts of several posts on Aristotle, who is More Interesting Than You Might Think. I went out to work on WFD on Saturday morning, and found that I had to write the Aristotle posts first because they were in the way.

Does anyone else get creative work queued up in their heads like this?

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