I love it when Ohio makes international news

I love it when Ohio makes international news July 16, 2016

Even if it is about the selling of our very own Longeaberger Basket headquarters building.  Yes, it’s a large building shaped like a basket.  It might make me a traitor to my fellow buckeyes, but I always found the thing to be a bit gaudy.  Perhaps because I only bought one Longaberger basket in my life.  Actually my wife bought it.  She was invited to a ‘Longaberger party’ at a church I was pastoring in the mid 90s.  Not wanting to be on the outs, she went ahead and bought one of the baskets.  It was almost 50 bucks for a basket barely large enough to hold a set of pencils.  That’s 50 1990s bucks!   And we were serving in a small, evangelical country church, not exactly known for Wall Street level salaries.  I let her know I’d be happy with that being our lone contribution to the Longaberger empire.   Perhaps that’s why I never cared for the building.  Every time I passed it on my way to Zanesville, all I could think was ’50 bucks!’

As an irrelevant aside, is there a reason “Zanesville” didn’t come up in the spellcheck, but Evansville did?   Who put this together, a Hoosier?


A child will die
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A child will die

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