It is a mystery

It is a mystery July 11, 2016

As we struggle to understand the motives of a Muslim who swore allegiance to ISIS and told us he was going to kill people in Orlando because of American foreign policy in the Middle East, another conundrum has landed on the laps of our leaders.  This time, a black man in Dallas told police he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops, as he opened fire.  Boy.  That’s a brainteaser.

Not that we won’t figure it out.  It’s not like we’re those dumb people from the olden days.   After careful consideration, we’re pretty sure that the motivating factor behind the Orlando shootings was the homophobic bigotry of Christian conservatives.  Who knows?  It sounds crazy, but we might just figure out that the whole Dallas tragedy was the fault of white racism in America!  I know.  That’s stretching it.

Sorry for the sarcasm.  My opinion is that nothing profanes the dead more than our culture’s demand that we accept boldface lies and brain-dead stupidity in order to conform.  I understand racism exists, and clearly it exists outside of white American communities.  Attempts to twist it around so that evil is always the fault of one part of the country and never another is nothing but trying to sustain the latest fad in bigotry.  Sure we know it’s bull.  But like people throughout the ages, for convenience sake we accept the bull. After all, that’s the bull that we have to accept if we want to get invited to all the great parties and get all the swell awards.

I can’t help thinking if Jesus is the Truth and the Truth shall set us free, then a society that demands we tell it like it ain’t is a society that will have a hard time finding the Way.

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