It’s time for Americans to guess the motive!

It’s time for Americans to guess the motive! December 1, 2016

When a Muslim posts an anti-American rants and then proceeds to emulate the ISIS inspired Nice attacks by doing the same at Ohio State, it can only mean one thing: time to ponder the motive!   St. Corbinian’s Bear reflects.

Yes, it’s true.  One of the reasons Hillary lost is the growing impatience Americans have with BS.  If Trump appeared to be the king of  BS, he was merely a one person example of what our cultural institutions have become.  There are a few case studies I think of when I consider Trump’s victory.  The Orlando shootings, where some actually tried to blame conservative Christians, is one.  As much as people will believe lies or stupidity, they have their limits.  Especially if they get the impression that their well being is of secondary importance to the BS.

Right now, the attack has all but fallen off the MSM radar.  Why do I have the gut feeling if a self proclaimed conservative or Christian did the same to Muslims, we’d be having weeks of debate and headline coverage?   I sure I can guess what we’d say was the motive. Nonetheless, we continue to watch the modern progressive demand that we call it like it ain’t.  And if 2016 is any indicator, Americans might be getting tired of calling a spade anything but a spade.

Hat Tip to Donald McClarey.

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