The Left’s First Amendment Problem

The Left’s First Amendment Problem December 1, 2016

When it comes to Trump’s threat to free speech, The Federalist keeps things in perspective.  True, nobody on the left says that speech should be banned.  But that reminds me of an old adage my Dad said the Army used back in the day.  He said they told recruits that the Army couldn’t make anyone do anything.  But it sure as hell could make them wish they did.  That seems to be the modern progressive approach.  Not calling for censorship per se.  But willing to adjust the social mores to ensure a person who rejects modern, liberal values is as welcome as a person celebrating Communism would have been in the 1950s.  The biggest irony of all is that the media, once proud watchdog of the sanctity of free speech, has been slowly moving to qualify that free speech standard in recent years.  Trump or Clinton, it’s the press’s role in all of this that concerns me the most.

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