Rethinking Pope Francis

Rethinking Pope Francis December 1, 2016

By Scott Eric Alt.  This is no anti-pope Francis hater.  This is a writer who has defended Pope Francis more than once.  And yet, just as I was, he appears bothered by Francis’s response – or non-response – to the request for clarification of Amoris Laetitia.  And as I said, it wasn’t just the refusal to address the questions, but the not-too-subtle swipe at those who were asking the questions.

Fundamentalists do that sort of thing, declare the case settled or you don’t love Jesus.  It’s unseemly for a pope, at least in these modern conciliatory days.  At least answer, then make the swipe.  To make the swipe without answering is troubling at best.

Read the piece for a good walk through of the problems with dismissing the fair request for clarification.

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