A reminder

A reminder August 13, 2016

Donald McClarey posted a fun, quick snippet reminding us that our little American experiment was supposed to fail.   Many shared George III’s belief that the colonists would falter, the entire revolution unravel and they’d come crawling back to Britain.  Why not?  Most revolutions ultimately fail one way or another.  Our modern humanities courses, rotting from within due to the twofold infections of Multi-Culturalism and Political Correctness, have given no idea about our country’s history or the context in which it grew.  Someday I’ll post on my boys’ American History textbook for an example of what they learn today in school.  As my always witty second son pointed out, he was glad they studied the Catholic Church in World History, or America would be the most evil place in the world.  Which is one of the reasons we homeschool.

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