Fisking the racial witch hunts

Fisking the racial witch hunts August 13, 2016

Fisking.  That means a point by point refutation of something.  I’m not a fantasy/sci-fi person.  I’ve learned that puts me at odds with a sizable portion of the Blogosphere.  I have nothing against it.  And it isn’t as if there aren’t contributions to the genres I like.  I’m just not ‘into’ it.  My boys, growing up in the heyday of Pottermania and Jackson’s LoTRs films, are into it more, and spend a decent amount of time explaining to me all of the fantasy and sci-fi I’ve missed over the years.

Nonetheless, as much as I’m no expert, it’s not hard to see that the world of GenCon, Sci-Fi, D&D and other parts of the fantasy/sci-fi universe are not immune to the modern Witch Hunts of Type.  Racism being the most common.  John C. Wright linked to this little rant by a fellow reacting to complaints about racism in the fantasy publishing industry.  There was a link in that article to a previous piece, taking apart the charges of racism at the Indianapolis GenCon.  I read that because I remember the complaining, and I don’t even pay attention to GenCon stories.

There’s plenty of common sense observations in these posts.  While it’s stupid to deny racism exists, it’s also impossible to miss that much of the outrage today is knee jerk emotionalism that seems to want to create problems even if there are none.  As I’ve said many times before, promoting racial tensions or encouraging racism to advance agendas is every bit as bad as actual racism, if not worse.

A warning for Christians.  We are to be about helping end injustice.  We need to be careful to avoid being part of laying the groundwork for new injustices while doing so.

Please note, there is some language in these posts.  Just a heads up.

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