Death takes a holiday

Death takes a holiday August 13, 2016

And is California dreamin’.  Really, a “Right to Die” party was celebrated in Right to Die California.  It’s a very pagan approach.  It isn’t necessarily the fault of secularism, as some would have us think.  Though many of the philosophies and scientific theories of the last couple centuries have given new life to the old pagan notion of human life.  But since pagans are typically treated in our modern cultural context as beautiful people at one with nature, with buff bodies and perfect teeth, making love under the stars while singing John Lennon songs, it’s easy to see why we imagine a pagan world and its approach to life is superior to that proposed by the Bad Guys of history.

Speaking of which, an interesting and timely article about the perils of a society that just can’t stop asking when a human is no longer human.  I know, I know.  But the Inquisition!  Witch Burnings!   Yep.  In a world where variations on both were more common than not, the Church was at times no better.  The difference?  The Church learned.  The original Faith had no such practices, but adapted to the culture of the time.  Seeing the error, the Church is suggesting it’s time to stop asking when a human gets to be a human.  After all, some day someone might look at me and conclude I don’t make the grade.  And next time, it might be you.

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