It might be time to reassess your movement

It might be time to reassess your movement August 15, 2016

When everything your critics say about it seems to be coming true.  So Donald Trump is good evidence that the GOP needs to do some housecleaning.  I’m at a loss to think of anyone who has concluded otherwise.  Likewise, when a black police officer shoots and a black man armed with a semi-automatic firearm who refused orders to drop the gun, the common sense reaction should be ‘that’s terrible, thank goodness the officers are alright.’  Which should be the reaction from anyone, including Black Lives Matter.   I’ve not found what BLM says about the Milwaukee riots yet, but clearly the decision to unleash violence and chaos, to destroy and burn buildings, to loot stores, is not what BLM says it’s about.  That we have police officers, and civilians being shot and injured, with property destroyed and livelihoods threatened, seems to be what critics of BLM say it wanted, rather than what its leaders insist are its goals.  So now’s the chance.  Clearly the Milwaukee riots have nothing to do with the shooting.  That’s an excuse.  If there are underlying problems, they will not be solved by destruction, violence, robbery and the clear exploitation of human suffering.

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