Happy birthday Star Trek

Happy birthday Star Trek September 9, 2016
Star Trek catalog
Even for a non-fan, Star Trek was everywhere

So last night we watched an obligatory episode from the Gray Lady of sci-fi television.  Live long and prosper and all.  As I’ve said many times, I’m not much of a sci-fi/fantasy fan.  I don’t hate it.  Every now and then I’ll read or watch this or that.  I liked Star Wars, but most sci-fi fans I know say that’s sci-fi light.

I do enjoy The Lord of the Rings, and it’s one of my favorite books (speaking of which, it’s September and time to start reading it again). But I enjoy it despite the fact that it’s fantasy, not because.   And that’s a shame.  Maybe it’s me, but I find folks who are into sci-fi and fantasy to be a little sharper, a little broader in their knowledge.   Not that they are infallible or alone possess the wisdom of the ages.  I just find they seem to know more about the things I do know about, and then seem to know about a wide variety of subjects (except sports for some reason), I’m not conversant with.

Anyway, my wife, our math and science contributor to the family, grew up with Star Trek.  When she got a promotion, we bought her the Anniversary pack with the entire original series on DVD.  Since our boys all like some level of fantasy and sci-fi, we kicked back, grabbed a drink, and watched William Shatner do battle with his darker side.  I’ll admit, it brought back thoughts of olden times, even if I didn’t watch the show that much.

Happy birthday gang, and thanks for the memories.

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