Is Capitalism incompatible with Christianity?

Is Capitalism incompatible with Christianity? September 9, 2016

An interesting article here at Proper Nomenclature.  I’ve noticed, in the ten years since I entered the Catholic Church, a warming up across the world of Catholic blogging toward Marx and, more noticeably, a condemnation of Capitalism.  Not the abuse of Capitalism or the possible excess that could arise from Capitalism shorn of morals or a sense of common values.  No, condemnation of Capitalism outright.  I’m no expert on the development of Catholic thinking regarding Marxism, Socialism or, for that matter, Capitalism.   I’m aware of the warnings about Capitalism that are not necessarily unique to the Catholic Church.  As I’ve said before, a dear friend from my ministry days back in the early 90s said that Capitalism without Christ is no different than Communism.

But that’s not what we’re seeing.  We’re seeing a growing condemnation of Capitalism in any form, and to replace that, a warming up to at least Socialist, and sometimes Marxist-by-name inspired thinking.  It’s worth noting that when my friend said Capitalism is no different than Communism, it wasn’t meant to be a compliment.

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