If Powell was wrong

If Powell was wrong September 8, 2016

Then he should be held accountable as well.  I’m OK with that.  Right now, the media is covering it in the classic Clinton Fashion:  Look, Powell told her to dodge the rules!  I forgot to add a fourth tactic in the Clinton defense plans.  Another favorite of the Clinton years was that time honored approach of insisting ‘everyone else does it.’  I’m sure we remember the post-dress era of the Lewinsky scandal where we learned that all presidents probably had affairs, men usually cheat on their wives, and nobody has ever cared about perjury when it has to do with sex since everyone lies about it anyway.

The strength of the Clintons is their ability to convince Americans to lower our standards to levels we wouldn’t allow in your average Kindergarten class.  And do so with pride.  Go figure.

BTW, I should note there is a difference when it comes to appealing to the crimes of others.  If the argument was that Clinton is the only person who ever did this, then I could see appealing to other cases.  But the argument is that Clinton did such a foolish thing, and this matters for the next Commander in Chief.  If Powell, whose UN testimony clinched support for the Iraq Invasion, also did such a foolish thing, then we should deal with that as well.

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