Thank goodness we’re putting politics into live theater

Thank goodness we’re putting politics into live theater November 19, 2016

I was afraid there would be a segment left in our culture where we might go and not hear politically charged tirades or partisan displays of protests.  Whew.  That was close.  Hopefully someday all Americans will finally conform and think the way they are supposed to think, then we can get back to being a diverse and tolerant society.

UPDATE: The same goes for pro-Trump rants at concerts.  That’s the problem.  One does it, another does it, and pretty soon we can’t take the kids to a Disney movie that someone isn’t standing up and making it about politics.  Give it a break people, and stop putting politics alongside corporate interests that must be in every part of our lives.

UPDATE II: To be fair, I thought I would throw out a different view from fellow Patheos blogger Jane the Actuary.  Again, I have no beef with the content of the talk, though I’m not thrilled with the audience booing, especially as Pence apparently had his family with him.  But my point is that when the go-to objection to Superbowl Ads or Commentators we don’t like is that we need sacred places devoid of politics, then I expect that to be followed, even when suddenly we’re the ones who want to inject politics into such places.  Nonetheless, thought it would be fair to see an alternate point of view from a thoughtful observer.

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