The best reflection on the death of Fidel Castro

The best reflection on the death of Fidel Castro November 26, 2016

Courtesy of Mark Shea.  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Of course anyone in any position of influence or power will have detractors.  That’s how it goes.

For my part, I’ll watch to see how those who were most impacted by Castro react.  Those American luminaries bending over to sing his praises while going home to count the millions they’ve made off this American system they hate?  I don’t care about their opinions any more than I care about the opinions of one of the squirrels in my backyard.  Likewise, those who are trying to put positive spins on Castro’s legacy remind me that, once again, our outrage at things like tyranny, mass executions, political imprisonment, censorship, and oppression are somewhat open to modification, based on a host of factors and agendas.

As anyone, I pray God have mercy on his soul, that God give strength to his loved ones, and to those whose lives have been made so miserable for so long through the enlightened administration of Castro’s charge.  May they follow the high road and not turn death to evil, but seek goodness, reconciliation, and the grace to forgive.

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