The embarrassing stupidity of modern American consumers

The embarrassing stupidity of modern American consumers November 26, 2016

Several shot on Black Friday, one of which was over a parking space.  This doesn’t include the brainless mobs rioting and  pushing and assaulting for the latest digital device or worthless trinket, most of which are purchased for themselves rather than others.  I mean, really?  The good news is that I know of few religious traditions, liberal, conservative or otherwise that are condoning this shameful madness.  After all, if we’re going to complain and criticize people for rioting over a presidential election,  then I’d say doing so for a 50% off sale pretty much negates our moral high ground.  It just goes to show what I tell people when I teach history: there’s little difference between people overall, whether now, 5000 years ago, or 5000 years from now.  And I have no doubt that people in centuries to come will shake their heads at us for displays like this in a way similar to how we so condescendingly shake our heads when we look back at witch burnings or leechcraft.

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