Tomorrow night

Tomorrow night November 7, 2016

As our country gears up for the long, arduous 2020 presidential campaign, we’ll likely know who our president will be for the next four years.  Just a guess on my part, but I’m figuring it will be Hillary Clinton.  I could be wrong, but I’m also guessing it won’t be as close as everyone is saying. I think, in the end, many who don’t want Clinton won’t vote, because they just can’t bring themselves to support Trump, a man who embodies so much that so many conservatives have stood against for generations.  A man whose policies echo liberalism as often as not.  A man who seems to demonstrate a blatant disregard for knowing what he is talking about when it comes to trivial issues like foreign policy or Constitutional law.  A man who has pointed at groups like immigrants and Muslims, but could just as easily turn the guns on Christians or others down the road.

That’s not to say they love Hillary.  Most are hunkering down and preparing for four years of the Left moving the ball closer to the goal line.  Most are expecting the values they cherish, traditions they enjoy, and the priorities they care about to be marginalized if things go well.  Worse if they don’t.  Those who support Hillary over Trump will, of course, bear the responsibility for what she does.  Just as those who support Trump, no matter how much they protest him, would bear responsibility for his presidency.  And because of that, I have a feeling -perhaps a hope – that most who would have voted to stop Hillary at all costs will simply not vote this time.

I could be wrong.  I’ve been wrong before.  Things could go crazy.  It could be contested.  It could be a runaway for Trump.  Anything can happen.  But my gut tells me that Hillary will win, and we’ll soon hear constant cries of sexism anytime and every time she is opposed, thus fracturing the opposition even more and, with each passing day, watching conservatives give up the fight and decide that since we’re in Rome, we had best start figuring out how much of  Rome we can accept.  After all, she has the institutions and individuals of power, influence and wealth set firmly behind her.

We’ll see.  In the big scheme of things, a thousand years from now, all of this will be the footnote to some paragraph about a larger historical era of which America’s entire history will be a part.  The end result will take generations to know.  Assuming, a thousand years from now, people have any way of knowing what happened in these crazy, hazy days of the early 21st Century.   Nonetheless, for the first time in my adult life, I will go to the voting booth tomorrow and vote for a variety of issues and candidates, but when it comes to the choice for president, I will leave it blank.

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