The way Catholics should really vote

The way Catholics should really vote November 7, 2016

Here.  Note what is and isn’t listed, what is and isn’t said.  Any layperson trying to slide in a ‘sure they said this, but what they really mean is this’ should not be listened to at this time.  Prayer and fasting and great amounts of reflection are in order.  Naturally we hope anyone, faithful or otherwise, is going into the voting booth having reflected on, and pondered, what it means.  I assume most have.  Nonetheless, there is not one way or another, or at all, that is the only acceptable way for True Believers Who Count.  Do your best, be informed by more than party loyalties, grudges, personal fealty or any other earthly motivation.  Let your conscience be driven by higher purposes than that.   Godspeed, and good luck to everyone.  Remember, as bad as it is, at least as of now, we won’t have soldiers standing over us with guns pointed at us ready to shoot if we don’t vote the way we were told.  And so far, even in the most contentious elections in recent years, we’ve not had bloody revolutions and mass carnage.  If nothing else, that should give us a little boost of hope in this long, dreary and depression election season.

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