There is no joy in being right about the FBI investigation

There is no joy in being right about the FBI investigation November 6, 2016

When you assumed the worst and end up being right.   I said nothing would come of the whole FBI email kerfuffle redux.

I have no clue what is going to happen now or how it will impact the election, if it impacts it at all.  My guess is that Democrats and liberal pundits will take this as the final word, even if hours ago they were charging the FBI with being rigged and corrupt and in bed with the GOP, even to the point of calling for Comey’s job.  For my money, if I think an agency is corrupt, I’m not going to take its word for something just because it suddenly tells me what I want to hear.  But that’s just me.

I have no doubt that those who were only recently praising Comey and getting behind him, covering his back and singing his praises, will now be jumping up and down and throwing yellow flags.  They will remind us that there are still other investigations into the the Clinton Foundation, or that while she is not criminally guilty, she is guilty of gross ignorance and embarrassing levels of lame defenses for what would get most grunts in the workforce fired in a heartbeat.  This is especially helpful as it plays into Clinton having that same sort of ruling class ‘golden parachute’ that all those CEOs and other important people seem to have when they get away with what us little people would be nailed for.  All of this, of course, while the myriad charges and moral insults of Trump are argued away, validated, or dismissed as trivial or a vast anti-Trump conspiracy.   No parachutes needed.

Clinton’s defenders will cry foul and say she’s the victim of the worst coordinated conspiracy since Caesar, and the fact that time and again she has failed to  be convicted proves, not only her innocence, but the malevolence of those who are out to get her.  This will occur as they use Trump’s own words against him, reminding us that even if he represents a rhetoric and attitude toward others we all crave and celebrate when convenient, you’re not supposed to do it openly when you’re a candidate for president.  That’s from some standard of behavior I thought had gone the way of the butter churn, but this year appears all the rage.

Of course the big casualty in all of this is the United States, because as we lose all faith in one institution after another, to the point where we really don’t seem to care about truth or right or wrong as long as our side wins, it’s hard to imagine America celebrating a tricentennial.

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