Donald Trump will be our 45th president

Donald Trump will be our 45th president December 20, 2016

Or 44th if you don’t count Grover Cleveland as two people.  It’s official.  Barring the unexpected, Donald J. Trump will be our next president.  Now it is in his court.  Michael Goodwin breaks down the expectations, how we got here, the good, the bad, and the stupid.

With that said, he’s my president, and I’ll support him insofar as he is doing what is good, and not doing what is wrong.  I won’t spend the next four years jumping up and down and whining and looking for each and every little thing out there to nail him on.  I won’t put words in his mouth and say he’s wrong for saying what he didn’t say.  No ‘Trump is Wrong 24/7’ headlines.  If you’ve been around my blog, you know I didn’t hesitate to call out Obama when I thought he was wrong.  But I didn’t have daily Obama Trash Fests either.

Why? One, I think that does no good.  Two, I might end up looking rather silly.  After all, the much talked about recounts only happened in one state, delivering a few more votes for Trump.

And three, I might be part of opening up a Pandora’s box that future generations will need to fix.  So some were all about the Electors chucking the process and not voting for Trump.  Only two Republican electors did that.  On the other hand, more Democrat electors went against Hillary.  But they didn’t pick Trump, and some didn’t pick Sanders.  They picked who they bloody well wanted.

And that, of course, is a problem. Not necessarily this time around.  But talk about setting a precedent for future chaos.  No rules, just me.  When at first you don’t succeed, cry, cry again. This all came about because of the screams and shouts and feet stomping over wanting to overthrow the election by any means possible.   Not a good trend.  Which is why I’ll be more critical of out of control critics.  A president can cause mischief.  A society that embraces mischief will enshrine it.

Our Constitution’s Preamble says it best (come on, you all know the song from School House Rock):  Establish a more perfect Union.  For ourselves and our posterity.  It isn’t perfect now.  It probably won’t ever be perfect.  But we try.  And we don’t just try for ourselves.  We try for our posterity.

So the baby-fussing that brought about electors who felt they could  just vote however they want is step one.  Before we get to step two, let’s all grow up.  Let’s ditch the Alt-Left mantra of ‘Not Our Country, Sure as Hell Not Your Evil Country, only My Country’ and try to come together where we can.  Admit nobody is always right.  Nobody is always wrong (even Trump!).   And let’s see.

If we don’t, even if we can topple Trump, at what cost will it come?


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