Elizabeth Warren promises Bipartisanship

Elizabeth Warren promises Bipartisanship December 2, 2016

Not really.  The Ted Cruz of the Democratic party reminds us that just as dissent will once again become a show of patriotism (as opposed to hate and racism), so obstruction and opposition will now become political virtues, as opposed to putting partisan agendas ahead of the American people.  I know, I know. If only those on the Left would find a principle and stick with it.

But that’s politics for you.  It isn’t as if there’s only one side in Washington guilty of the old ‘that was yesterday’s principles’.  The problem is, when the GOP does it, most of the MSM is there with a spotlight and interrogation tools to call them out.  When it’s the Democrats?  Get ready for chirping crickets.

By the way, note her opinion that the 2016 election was a rousing victory for Democrats. That’s like the Cleveland Browns insisting they’re the best team in football*.  The Democrats have spent years losing across the board – on both the state and national levels. Before the election, in addition to the White House, the Democrats were supposed to win the Senate, and some speculated they might even take the House.  They lost all three.

Trump simply did what the smart Democrats were supposed to do this year, and were supposed to do in 2000.  Which is why I said media pundits should never again say that the dumb GOP candidate will likely get the hayseed voters, but the super smart Democrat knows it’s all about the Electoral map.  The same electoral map that we were told for months that Hillary could never lose.

A reminder for Ms. Warren.  A billionaire businessman who makes billion dollar deals before breakfast might just be a little better at numbers than a woman hoping that numbers interpreted correctly will make those Browns the superstar champions that we wish they were.

*In case you don’t follow football, the Browns have been consistently one of the worst teams in the NFL, and this year have yet to win a game.

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