Trump wins

Trump wins November 9, 2016

I was wrong.  On both counts.  Well, on one.  At least per the electoral college, it wasn’t close.  BTW, that’s twice that pundits and media commentators went into an election in recent years with the narrative “Goofy, good old boy Republicans might get the popular vote, but super smart Democrats know it’s the Electoral College that matters.’  That was the narrative on the eve of 2000.  It was what Democrats and media commentators were saying as of Monday.  So note to liberals, Democrats, and media commentators: Stop it.  You can’t chuckle and say how much smarter the Democrats are for going all electoral and then suddenly act shocked, Shocked! that you might lose by the very strategy you were just endorsing.

Other than that, my thoughts?  Not sure.  I know I will say what I said when Obama won: He’s president, and I hope he does well for the country.  Obama clearly didn’t.  And I think that’s one of the reasons Trump won.  Even though I didn’t vote for him and I oppose many of the ideals he endorses, I pray we can find common cause for the common weal.  I’ll comment more down the road.   But for now, Mark Shea has the proper attitude for this chilly, November morning.

Godspeed Donald Trump, and may God bless America.

Oh, and perhaps it’s time to stop worrying about polls across the board.  If they have been this wrong in recent years about politics, how do we know they’re right about anything else?   But again, taking it all in.

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