All of the anti-Trump lunacy and hysterics

All of the anti-Trump lunacy and hysterics January 17, 2017

As well as the embarrassing and evil reactions to his election, won’t cause me to forget why I didn’t vote for Trump.

At the end of the day, Trump was in single person form what too much of the progressive movement has been for the past 35 years.  I didn’t like it when folks on the Left did it, I don’t like it when Trump does it.

For those believers who justify their progressive alliances by pointing to the well documented worst of the Right, hold onto your seats.  We’ve already seen violence, torture, racism, hate, crimes, stupidity, hysteria, and a derangement syndrome that makes anything we’ve seen before seem like nothing.  And Trump hasn’t taken office yet.  If that was your validation for swinging Left, you’ll have some explaining to do in about four years.

Nonetheless, I didn’t vote for Trump for a reason.  Most of the things he did, while wrong when done by adherents on the Left, were no less wrong when done by Trump.  Trump has stood for too many things that I, and other more traditional minded Americans, reject.  And this is apart from his questionable  qualifications and presidential skills.  Quit frankly, there are things about Trump that worry me.

Of course the worst of the Left was just as bad, which is why I didn’t run and find comfort in the arms of Hillary.  Nonetheless, as we begin to enter what could prove to be a bumpy ride at least, I will not forget what Trump was, what he stood for, and why I refused to support him.

Could he surprise us and be a great president with a stellar record?  Sure.  Miracles happen.  But right now, I’m skeptical.  Too skeptical to allow the hypocrisy, hysterics, and basic dirty game play that has been employed by the Left for decades, nudge me anywhere near the Trump circle.

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