I hate to see romances come to an end

I hate to see romances come to an end January 7, 2017

And yet, sometimes they must.  So one of the most beautiful love stories in recent memory comes to an end.  The press must say goodbye to the love of its life: President and Michelle Obama.  The gushing love and admiration, credit for all that is good and virtually nothing but a few missteps and minor flubs being attributed to President Obama.

Like all romances, they had their tough times.  When Obama told them not to get their news from FOX, they quickly reminded him to keep out of their business.  At times, when reporters breached protocol  by suggesting Obama might be wrong or even deserve some blame, he was quick with a tongue-lashing. But on the whole, reconciliation and love always followed.

Michelle got no negative press that I’m aware of.  First time a First Lady went through unscathed in my memory.  Laura Bush had her moments.  Even Barbara Bush back in the day.  We won’t even discuss Hillary or Nancy.  But Michelle?  I’ve seen the Blessed Mother receive less adoration in a Catholic rosary service.

But, like all things, this must end.  I’m sure the love affair will continue, but it will be packaged differently.  It will have to be.  He won’t be president.  But as some on the Left dream of a Michelle presidency, and others hope that the Obamas can become the First Family emeritus, they will still have to work to maintain the headline level that their romance has enjoyed these last 8 years.   ‘Sniff’.


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