You might want to sit down for this

You might want to sit down for this January 7, 2017

Apparently Mexico isn’t going to pay for a border wall, at least according to former Mexican President Vicente Fox.  And he’s not alone.  In fact,  you could be forgiven for thinking that us taxpayers might end up paying for the wall.  Which is different from the promise that we’ll build a wall, US taxpayers won’t pay, and Mexico will.

Of course it was a stupid promise.  I’ve been wrong about Trump before, but I find it absurd to think we could make Mexico do anything of the sort.  That so many cheered and sang Trump carols whenever he made the promise, went a long way toward affirming the Trump Supporter Stereotypes.

For my part, if a president says we will have self-sustaining moon colonies in four years, it might be worth the effort to look at how well we’re doing with self-sustaining colonies in Antarctica, or under the sea.  Likewise, before I believe we’ll build a wall and send the bill south, perhaps looking at what other massive building projects we’ve forced other countries to pay for in recent years might have been in order.

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