Lord bless this poor woman

Lord bless this poor woman February 8, 2017

An elderly woman with dementia was euthanized and, despite her negative reaction, the doctor didn’t stop.  The good news? The doctor is being ‘reprimanded.’  We’ll see where that leads.

The bad news? This represents the unthinkable wickedness of the extreme Left.  It in no way represents most who are liberal.  Or, for that matter, the Left, Progressives, or whatever.

Nonetheless, like hardcore racist nationalists yearning for a white only nation on the extreme Right, this is the glaring evil of the extreme Left.  It is often missed because many who push for such things will oppose torture, the death penalty or war.

Killed for or by someone else is anathema.  But the right to take life that is inconvenient to me?  Sure.  It’s a vile ethic that passes for pro-life for the careless observer.

As conservatives should denounce the evils of the extreme right, this is a chance for liberals of good faith to denounce the evils of the extreme left.

And pray for that dear woman whose last moments were spent resisting against pains her mind could never understand.

Loving Father and Savior, send your angels to carry the soul of this woman from this earth to the heavenly place of eternal and everlasting life.

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