Climate Change

Climate Change March 13, 2017

Is kicked around over at Jane the Actuary.  Especially the MMGW crusaders.  Some good points.

For my part, I accept climate change.  After all, it’s happened before.  I looked out my windows yesterday and noticed there were no glaciers.

I know, the role that rascally humans play in climate change is the issue.  And I believe that, too.  I’m sure there are other reasons behind the changing climate.  But I can’t dismiss the role that our modern approach to technology and industry has had on things.

Of course for me, the lesson there is ‘be wary of handing science a blank check.’  If our rush to industrialize, twisting and turning mother nature to suit our purposes, had such dire and unforeseen consequences, then perhaps caution is in order.

But, like Jane, I’m also suspicious about the politicization and hysterics.  As I always am.

UPDATE: Jane the Actuary posted a follow up from someone with more expertise than I have, which prompted interesting debate from others who seem to invest more into this debate than I do.  For me, again, I’m fine with the idea that human activity has added to the process. I’m skeptical of anyone who says ‘case closed’ or ‘only one side is filled with people who have ulterior motives.’  And, of course, I can’t miss the obvious attempts to politicize it.  But for the inside science details, I leave it to others who get the science more than I ever will.

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