Jan. 16: Loving Links in a Chain

Jan. 16: Loving Links in a Chain January 16, 2013

A little girl hurt in a disastrous Indiana accident was ultimately rescued by the efforts of many guardian angels.  All would become links in a loving chain of care and concern.

Maggie Mullin, 3, was in the audience at the State Fairgrounds to hear her favorite band, Sugarland, when the stage rigging collapsed due to a violent storm, trapping Maggie and others.  The youngster was bleeding badly, but her mother who was next to her couldn’t move because of a broken leg.

That’s when numerous concertgoers turned into angels to save a little girl.  Among them were a doctor, a machinist, a registered nurse, a nursing student, a state trooper, a sheriff, a firefighter and others.  They rescued Maggie and transported her to a first-aid station, seeing to it that she was taken to a hospital emergency room.

All of these ordinary people went to extraordinary lengths and personal risk to help a stranger in need.    Hopefully, each of us will find the courage to help others during their times of need.

Let each of you…look to…the interests of others.

(Philippians 2:4)

Gracious Father, thank You for Your healing power.

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