Jan. 27: No Age Restrictions on Service

Jan. 27: No Age Restrictions on Service January 27, 2013

The Hahn brothers have long found meaning in life by serving others.  Both 85-year-old Lawrence and 95-year-old Father Bernardine were inspired as boys by the example of the Franciscan brothers at Immaculate Conception parish in Omaha, Nebraska.

Lawrence has worked for the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s food pantry and currently visits hospitalized and homebound parishioners from his current parish, Holy Ghost.  “Caring for others gives me a complete spiritual feeling,” he told The Catholic Voice.

The same holds true for his brother, Father Bernardine, who has been a Franciscan for the past 75 years.  “I enjoy being a priest,” Father Bernadine testifies. “That’s what keeps me going….I’m not going to retire until I have to.  From reading, I know that people who retire don’t often live long.  They need activities to keep them going.  What I do is what energizes me.”

Remember, Jesus never put any age restrictions on serving others.  Help those in need for as long as you can.

So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not

forsake me, until I proclaim Your might.  (Psalm 72:18)

May we always look for the true meaning of life, Jesus.

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