July 24: A Musical Soul

July 24: A Musical Soul July 24, 2013

Writing on HelpOthers.org, Jill, a college student in New York City, recalled feeling depressed because her mother had been laid off from her job.  Just then, while walking through a ferry terminal, Jill heard a young woman’s voice singing about love and overcoming challenges.  After listening for 15 minutes, she gave the keyboard-playing singer some money, told her how good she was, and said, “I’ve been going through a rough time, but you’ve made me hopeful again.”

The singer asked why Jill felt sad, so she told her.  Then the singer said, “Here’s the problem.  The way you were walking, your head was down.  Don’t look defeated…Opportunity comes in different ways, and if your head is down you might not see it.  You should smile more.  Lift your head up.”

The singer further explained that she is a psychology student who is trying to alleviate people’s pain by sharing “motivational music.”  It worked.  As Jill headed home, her smile grew a little wider because her heart had been “touched and lightened by a musical soul.”

I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak.  (Ezekiel 34:16)

May my words bring comfort to the troubled, Jesus.

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