Oct 5: Stopping the Silliness of Busyness

Oct 5: Stopping the Silliness of Busyness October 5, 2013

Are you too busy?  Does your busy life keep you up at night, thinking about everything you didn’t get done?

In Be More with Less, author Courtney Carver encourages others to make the choice she did—and get un-busy!

“Becoming less busy was not an accident, but a decision I made on purpose,” she says.  “Being a good person, loving wife, mother and friend…that was the life I wanted.”

Here are some to-dos so you stop doing too much.

Only check your e-mail twice a day.  Delete e-mail you don’t really need to read.

Turn your phone and computer off when you aren’t working.

Help someone.

Do less—be more.

In the end, what we are for people—a shoulder to lean on, a smile to encourage, a hand to hold—is far more important than what we do or say.

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

Calm my spirit, Master; send me Your peace.

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