A Seed Blessing for Pagan Gardeners

A Seed Blessing for Pagan Gardeners May 23, 2019

The oak trees have spoken, I watch them to know when to plant corn, tomatoes and beans.  When the oak leaves are the size of mouse ears the oaks tell us our frost free date.  It’s rained here, the moist mother earth is ready to nourish.

Some years ago, I wrote this seed blessing to be used as part of a fundraiser for a local pagan temple.  I feel the call of the frost free planting date here in my state, and so I thought I’d share it with all of you who want to plant their beans and tomatoes.

Tiny seeds sprouting from dark earth.
Sprouting seeds, via Adobe Spark

For this blessing you will need: a candle, a bowl of water, a lighter or match, some incense and the seeds to bless.

Sit before your altar or table with the candle and incense unlit and the bowl of water and the seeds in a bundle or basket that you can pick up and hold aloft.

Light the candle and say:

The fire of life is before me

Hold hand near fire and say:

The warmth of the sun returning

Hold hand to heart and say:

The fire burns within me.

Dip fingers in the water and say:

The water of wisdom is before me

Touch fingers to forehead and say:

The flowing waters of fertility.

Hold hand to heart and say:

The tide rises within me.

Light incense and say:

Blessed by water and fire, I light this incense that it may be blessed and make holy in turn.  So the smoke rises up, and so the blessings rise up and through these seeds.

Move seeds through the smoke and then say:
Let the air and fire and water bless and purify these seeds of the earth.
Let them sprout strong and well!
Let them grow tall and swell
With fruit and leaf and stem.
Let labors love well end.
I ask: a bountiful harvest to send.
As above, so below
Let it be so.

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