The Emptiness of Politics or the Fullness of the Erotic

The Emptiness of Politics or the Fullness of the Erotic November 9, 2020

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I cannot be the only one who sees what is taking place. Everything has turned to politics and people applaud that notion. Am I one of the few who finds that to be utterly disgusting? Remember when we were young, and we thought the political talk was just the most boring thing ever? Why are so many addicted to it? I am flabbergasted at the number of teens and adolescents that are addicted to this shit-show. Teens are actually having less sex and engaging more in politics. What a gross trade-off.

Does that mean I want kids having sex? Nope. I just wish the youth cared more about connection than division. Because if you ask me (and most of you won’t), politics and the erotic are diametrically opposed. If we raise a generation more consumed by division than connection, we will get what we truly deserve.

I have heard some recent discussions on the potentiality that public schools might finally take sex education seriously once or if Biden takes office. I’d like to believe that, but the reality is that if we stay centered on politics, sides, and acting like free PR for every politician clamoring for our attention, sex won’t be taught, nor will compassion, consideration, or kindness. And if we aren’t teaching our kids to be compassionate, considerate, or kind, the expectation of comprehensive sexual education reform will do no justice for the good of our society.

The politics of my youth seemed to be more seasoned, reasoned, and civil. I grew up in the Regan era, so what do I know? Not much was actually revealed to us in real-time, but later on, we discovered that much of what we thought was a collective “good” turned out to create evil in the process. The war on drugs is one of those intentional goods that brought more incarceration and more demonization of black folks. I do remember that I didn’t argue with friends at school about the President or the election results. I suppose we should be thankful that many children are not in a classroom today and so the arguing and bullying would likely be reduced.

Politics is killing sexual desire and arousal. That’s my official opinion of the collective country. We are obsessed with Biden and Trump and our partners are being ignored. Of course, our partners are just as obsessed, so, maybe we are all ignoring one another.

But that’s what they want, isn’t it? They—the system, the “man”, the global empire of elites and politicians that want us more wrapped up in their affairs than our own. And hey! They got it. More people are having less sex, more people are suffering from depression and anxiety. Too many are feeling like everything is hopeless and that hopelessness kills the erotic.

Anger and anxiety are two of the greatest inhibitors for sexual arousal. This entire country has been angry and anxious for 10 months and it doesn’t seem like there is any counsel or relief in the future. With the election results hanging in the balance (I know, I know, Biden won, but that doesn’t mean Trump will leave), many are suffering erotically.

You may even say, “But I am having sex.” But I would challenge you, is it good sex, is it connective sex, is it spiritually stimulating or are you just getting off to fall asleep, reduce stress, and using sex as a functionary tool rather than a way to really connect with your partner? I bet most cannot say that. Sure, you may say that it’s just my opinion, but the studies that have come out regarding sexual activity during Covid are astounding!

Sexual desire can be interrupted or shut off by negative emotions that come from conflicts. Essentially, emotional responding is shut off. Emotional reactivity, on the other hand, has soared in the past year. And why not, the media and the government have given us many reasons to be reactive.

A chronic bad mood can be a result of lack of sex. Do you know anyone who has been just crabby as hell lately? Ask them about their sex life. Ask yourself if you want someone without an appreciation for sex to teach your children about sex! Perhaps that’s why we have such a failing with current sexual education instruction?

We are transforming an entire generation into political fiends and we are losing the very sexual fiends that help us understand eroticism better. I want our schools to focus on comprehensive sexual education. I want our country to find peace through pleasure. But if we are all wrapped up in politics, no one is concerned with the erotic. And while I have much regard for the feminists of our time who have tried to eroticize politics, it just cannot be done.

Am I admonishing you to reject politics? To a point, yeah! That would improve your overall mental health by 1000%. But what I want more is for people to consider political moderation. Why are you gorging yourself on these empty calories of the political menu? The erotic is so fulfilling, so nutritious, so appetizing. Wouldn’t you rather take a bite out of the erotic, at least for a day, and see if it tastes just a tad sweeter?

I think this is what Jesus was calling us to do. “Worry not!” Jesus said, and here we sit in perpetual worry. Jesus knew that worry was wasted, and even psychology has demonstrated over and over how detrimental worry and anxiety are to our overall health. Yet we oblige the machine that manipulates us for our attention, and we think nothing of it. Don’t our partners deserve our attention? Don’t we deserve more nutrient-dense calories that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit? In the erotic realm, this is a given. But in the political realm, nothing is fulfilling, there is always a hunger for more, and that desire is never satiated. Empty. Politics is empty, and the erotic is so full. Choose wisely.



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Danielle is the host of the Recorded Conversations podcast. A podcast dedicated to compassionately considering all perspectives while engaging in authentic, connected dialogue. She is also an erotic embodiment advisor with Naked Tree Advising. As an advisor, Danielle assists others in discovering their erotic self and helps answer questions about struggles with sexuality. You can read more about the author here.

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