November 25, 2020

It’s easy to diminish and insult problematic prescriptions found in the various beliefs and practices that influence Christian views of sexuality. I mean, it’s easy. The purity culture of America has created deep wounds in the collective flesh. A lot of collective healing is in-process as a result of ideologies that encouraged the use of shame and guilt tactics to undermine and control generations of people. So, it’s easy to quickly dismiss these practices and beliefs. One could type thousands… Read more

November 21, 2020

More and more people seem to awaken to the idea that part of our purpose in life is to find a way to liberate ourselves from the “false-self.” I recall the words of Eckhart Tolle and Richard Rohr, by their countless works, almost seducing me toward a similar idea. A mental liberation from the woes within.  I am reminded of the countless stories I have been able to hear or read about that reveal individual experiences of what a journey… Read more

November 13, 2020

I was recently working with a client who sought out a way to better understand his sexual desires. Mainly, he wanted to know why he always thought about sex. It was on his mind constantly. Everything made him want it. Sure, his age could be a contributor to his incessant thoughts—remember when we were young and wanted sex all the time? And surely, the fact that he was in a new, sexual relationship could also be the case. At the… Read more

November 9, 2020

I cannot be the only one who sees what is taking place. Everything has turned to politics and people applaud that notion. Am I one of the few who finds that to be utterly disgusting? Remember when we were young, and we thought the political talk was just the most boring thing ever? Why are so many addicted to it? I am flabbergasted at the number of teens and adolescents that are addicted to this shit-show. Teens are actually having… Read more

November 6, 2020

Many people would insist that infidelity harms more than just the couple involved. And to a certain degree, I would agree. If there are children involved, the turmoil can distort how they see relationships. However, from my own experience, it doesn’t have to impact children negatively. It all depends on how it is received. From there, unfaithfulness affects the couple and the couple alone. Any circumference of the impact that extends past the couple and children involved is simply irrelevant…. Read more

November 6, 2020

        If the idea of having sex stresses you out, upsets you, makes you feel self-conscious or insecure, or makes you feel anxious, panicked, or filled with worry; isn’t it time that you explored why? When I first started embarking on my fervent rejection of organized religion, I struggled immensely with how I saw myself as a sexual being. Mainly because I came to realize that I was one! I went too long in my life failing… Read more

November 2, 2020

I do believe the nature of God is sexual. I believe the erotic component of theology has been missing for too long and it’s time that an injection is welcomed. We are sexually suffering as a society and I think that the way to make amends for the suffering is by reclaiming the erotic nature of God and learning to implement that attribute into every component of our lives. We first do that by acknowledging and accepting that we are… Read more

October 28, 2020

I am confused. Perpetually, I will admit, but this is different. I am at a loss. I do not understand why so many are so scared of Amy Coney Barret or her presence in the U.S. Supreme Court. And just by admitting that, I was recently told that was my “privilege” talking. Call it the privilege of curiosity if you must. Allow me to share my view on things since that’s what we do in this day and age, whether… Read more

October 22, 2020

  Remember that really groovy song from back in the day, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner? That was my friggin jam. I listened to that cassette tape until it broke. Tina’s lyrics were a cynical take on love. And considering her story, one could understand why she was skeptical of love. Still, I appreciate the song and I want to apply it as a mantra to how we interact with one another and share information…. Read more

October 16, 2020

May I have your orientation, please? If we are all sexually-oriented people—which I believe we are, then we can all equally share in the offenses (or non-offenses) of words when they are used with ill intent. I am not fond of sexual exclusion of any kind. This then means that even if I don’t wrap myself up in silken labels of this community or that tribe, I still have just as much of a ”right” to air my internal conflicts… Read more

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