April 12, 2022

  It seems that everyone, everywhere (or rather, right-leaning agitated Conservatives) believes the world is filled with pedophiles and sex-traffickers. That lurking behind every homework assignment is “grooming” material and in every classroom, pedophile teachers trying to turn children gay. If it wasn’t so absurd, it would be comical. We could all laugh about it and disregard the paranoias of these sexually frustrated individuals. But it’s not funny, is it? It’s a serious accusation to call someone a pedophile or... Read more

April 8, 2022

There are such a variety of memes and inspirational quotes out there suggesting that if your partner (or friend) doesn’t check certain boxes off lists that it’s because they are “toxic” or “narcissists.” The remedy of course is to disconnect from them, run from them, cut them out of your life. Label them and lose them. But my question is, does that really solve the conflict? If someone doesn’t behave the way you want them to, or the way some... Read more

March 19, 2022

I am a proponent of reform for sexual education. Although I do not utilize the public-school institution, most American parents send their children to schools outside of their homes. This means that adolescents spend most of their time in a space learning during the day. And because of that, some form of sexual education will be offered to students. There has been a movement to update the sexual education curriculum in recent years. I have no doubt that the intention... Read more

March 10, 2022

One of the greatest challenges in my personal life has been admitting when I am wrong. It’s so demoralizing at times to realize that after a big performative outrage, I see how incredibly assumptive and asinine I was. Or I realize that I was not listening to what was being said, I was listening to my own thoughts about how I was feeling about what was being said. In any situation, the very idea of being wrong was unacceptable. Over... Read more

February 19, 2022

Today, I wrote myself a note: Stop fueling the negative energy. See what’s happening and recognize that you have no control over it. The change you want to see in the world begins at home. The greatest act of rebellion is refusing to imitate the hate. Spread love. I recognized that I was succumbing to the fear frequency again. I was choosing to inundate myself with information that served me no purpose other than to induce anxiety. For the last... Read more

February 12, 2022

People all around the world are suffering from touch deprivation.  For many, this is an unfortunate side-effect of safety and saving lives. It may not seem like such a big issue. The last 2 years of this pandemic have made it seem almost dangerous to be near others. Touch could lead to Covid. Covid could lead to death. Therefore, touch = death. This means the absence of touch can prevent death, or so it has been reasoned. The absence of... Read more

February 7, 2022

If it wasn’t for the stupidity that plagues humanity, comedy wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have a reason to laugh without stupid people. In essence, we must thank God for the stupid humans. I often do. It is also true that without suffering we would not have anything to be grateful for. Between stupidity and suffering, we find ways to make light of situations that are heavy and grim. We extend grace to the stupid and for the sufferings of humankind,... Read more

February 6, 2022

I recently sat down with Jim Babka for an interview for the Recorded Conversations podcast. While researching his work, I came across one of his blogs on the DownsizeDC website. What he had written about human nature jarred me. Jim wrote, “Human nature is a real hurdle. Two points are key. Human beings aren’t motivated by good news and progress. Most people are motivated by hate, fear, conflict, and drama.” Babka used this as an example to demonstrate this idea;... Read more

February 3, 2022

The most recent censorship attacks against Spotify and Joe Rogan remind me of a story that we can all find in the Bible. Maybe you have heard this one? It’s about a man who wants to teach others to think for themselves, to listen within, and realize their abilities. The man was named Jesus and he was the center focus of many ruling elites of his time. The charge? Daring to speak against the status quo. Jesus upset a lot... Read more

February 3, 2022

There are many things about the Christian faith that leave people confused. The structure, the symbolism, and even the songs. But one idea stands out for most and that is the odd double standard of worshipping Jesus despite the Commandment, “You shall have no other gods before me.” Why do so many Christians worship Jesus? Why does the worship of Jesus take precedent over the worship of God? Is there a right way to follow Jesus that doesn’t imitate idolatry?... Read more

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