Threats of Erotic Extermination: Is There an Erotic Solution?

Threats of Erotic Extermination: Is There an Erotic Solution? August 5, 2022

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It is abundantly obvious to me that there is an agenda to exterminate eroticism. The agenda to exterminate eros follows the same agenda to destroy God, and belief in God. You may find it trivial or maybe even impossible to attempt to destroy God or any belief in God, but it’s an ever-present goal and on track for discombobulation.

It’s a sinister thread that has been woven into the fabric of our society. And while you may believe the fabric of America is frayed and unraveling, I would say that it’s being stitched together by powerful seamstresses and tailors. Those who would rather patch America back up in the form they deem best for the greater good, instead of the tedious process of removing the frays and extending the hem.

I have written countless times about the importance of eros. I have tried to demonstrate that our God is an erotic God, a physical, sensational, touch-proximal God. It is by way of physical connection that we experience the fullness of God’s love. Eroticism is not simply just sexual connection, but sense-connection. Closeness, curiosity, vulnerability, and intimacy are the components of eros. But have you noticed how much time has been dedicated to convincing you to stay away from others? This is an act of erotic destruction.

For 2 years, Americans were convinced that being in the company of others would kill them. We couldn’t go to work, we couldn’t hang out with loved ones, we couldn’t visit with friends, nor attend gatherings or celebrations. We hid in fear that some invisible disease would destroy our bodies and kill our grandparents. We were masked, isolated, and pumped full of fear and anxiety. How could this not affect the way we interact and interface with others?

While many of us saw the corona crisis for what it was—a plot to destroy small businesses, control the citizenry, and increase consumable revenues; many are still locked in fear that connection will lead to death.

More fears are being pumped into the collective vein of the citizenry. We have now seen that our own government is not only encouraging but affirming (and ordering) that children join in on this extermination of eros. Biden plans to sign an executive order to expand access to sex change treatments for children. The HHS will be forcing insurance companies to pay for sex-change surgeries for children. In California, if you do not affirm your 5-year-old’s gender confusion, you can be charged with child abuse. In some states, public schools are encouraging children as young as 4 to hide information from their parents regarding sexual discussions in the classroom.

Is a double mastectomy on a 12-year-old girl considered progress and justice? Do we encourage and affirm love by allowing our 14-year-old sons to chemically castrate themselves before their brain has finished developing? This is not the type of erotic education that I had liked to see gain popularity. In fact, this is blatant exploitation of eros. The recent invitation of drag queens to dance for children at libraries, schools, parks, and churches marks the ultimate perversion of sex education.

It’s Sex Exploitation, Not Sex Education

None of what is taking place in our current society surrounding sex education can be considered erotic evolution. It is erotic retardation. The agenda to confuse basic reality has been successful for millions of people in this country. But for the rest of us, we are not so easily fooled. We know that calling a man in a dress a woman is a blatant lie, a degradation of our dignity because we know the truth about biology.

It doesn’t make it any less overwhelming, does it? I know that I have been struggling to make a strong connection within my own close relationships. There’s a lot of noise and nonsense clogging up the airwaves and it can make it rather difficult to secure a stable connection or engage in a sensical conversation. The pandemic of pedophilia and perversion is not over, but there are things we can do, individually (and internally) that can help us reconnect and encourage a true awakening of eros.

For the last few months, I have been struggling to connect with my husband and my children. I have been trying to implement collaborative efforts that will help us secure our support system. The first step requires distance from devices. I know that so many of us are entirely too addicted to our devices; we are constantly checking updates, notifications, emails, texts, etc. But to install a stable connection with people that we love, we must disconnect from the problems.

Erotic Solutions:

Start with spending time outdoors with those you love. Go barefoot. Walk on the grass. Touch a tree. Examine a leaf. Watch the clouds dance by, and observe how the trees move in the wind. Do you have a bike? Take a bike ride together. Don’t make it a competition, make it contemplative. Observe the way your feet push the pedals. Notice how the wheels spin around. What does the warmth of the sun feel like on your face? Notice how your body feels being moved through space with ease. Is your riding partner smiling? Doesn’t that look wonderful in the sun?

Don’t have a bike? Hold hands and take a stroll. Is there a park nearby? Go find a swing-set and take turns pushing each other. Pretend, for a moment, that you are not an adult with responsibilities. Be child-like and swing your stress away.

Do you have access to a pool? So many of us forgo swimming as we grow up and take on more and more responsibility. We were born of water, why would we avoid it when things get difficult? If you can, find a place to take a dip. Baptize yourself in the water and say a prayer or meditation while swimming. Splash your kids, kiss your partner underwater. When you get out of the water, let the sun warm you and dry up all the water.

Many of us have so much grass in our yards and it serves no purpose whatsoever. Consider a gardening project with your family or friends. Turn your grass into something useful, as a plot of land that you can grow your own food from. With looming food shortages, why not start implementing self-sustainability?

Do you and your family cook together? Cooking with your spouse or children is a truly connective experience. The energy you create in the kitchen can be injected into the food you prepare. Be mindful of the energy you activate while dicing onions. I always meditate during dinner prep. I think about how nutritious and beneficial the food is going to be once it is done. I pray over my food as I prepare it, and I evoke healing energy to be served with every bite.

What about exercise? What about yoga? Stretching or dancing together while listening to music with your partner, with friends, or even with your children is a great way to cleanse the energy in the environment. Deep breathing exercises lower blood pressure and helps relieve stress. Breathing is the most present-moment activity we can do and doing it with someone else doubles the activation.

Are there any projects you have been procrastinating? I find that the more projects I collaborate on with my husband, the more empathy and grace I develop for him. Each project does bring about new challenges, but they also bring about deeper understanding. When my husband and I collaborate on something, such as building a new raised garden bed or planting our autumn garden seeds, we get to see in real-time how the other thinks and responds to new ideas.

When we do chores in the house, everyone is involved. On Monday evenings, we all work together to empty all the garbage and recycle and get it out to the driveway for pick up. We all take turns vacuuming the levels of the house. We each take turns cleaning out the litter boxes. When we do laundry, we fold it and put it away together. Each child takes turns swapping loads and brings the next load to the dining room table.

I am preparing to introduce a new collaboration with my family this weekend. We are all avid tea drinkers, as we are into holistic healing. We grow and dry a lot of herbs for tea, and we have built up quite an herbal closet. We are also interested in developing our chess skills. We play a lot of strategy games in our home I thought it would be fun if we combine our interests and make it a thing we do. Tea and chess. I will let you know how this turns out. I would like to make it a twice-weekly event.

Sit in silence. Many of us don’t do this. It seems absurd. It seems pointless. But sitting in silence is a great way to restore eros. It’s a present moment activity that forces you to listen to your thoughts. Consider how many times a day we try to swat so many lingering thoughts away—because ain’t nobody got time for that! Or so we have been convinced. Sitting in silence with your own thoughts and sitting to rest without purpose are two exceptional ways to build up the erosion of eros. Being with the self, and the most intimate thoughts of the self can be liberating. Eros energy is liberated energy, free energy. Do you allow yourself to be free? (Considering meditating on this phrase: I am free to be me. I am free to be me. I am free as me.

One final erotic solution worth mentioning is this: Explore curiosity. Ask the questions you want to ask. Don’t be afraid that someone will make fun of you for asking. If you really don’t know something, admit to it. We discover so much more about ourselves and the world when we have confidence in curiosity. Curiosity is an energetic component of eroticism and it’s a radical weapon against tyranny. Don Miguel Ruiz once wrote that we should be suspicious of all ideas, including our own. If something doesn’t sound “right” if it just doesn’t make sense to you, or if it contradicts what you heard before, speak up and say something. We cannot interrupt the attempts at the extermination of eroticism unless and until we ask questions and examine all possibilities. It is not a requirement for humans to have all the answers, but we mustn’t fear asking questions anyway. The freedom of speech includes the freedom to question authority—especially if you can see that the authority is trying to extinguish eros.

There are several ways that we can embrace the erotic rather than exploit the erotic. I realize that it sounds easier said than done, but the truth is, that we cannot control our external reality. We can only influence what we are intimately connected to. That is the fundamental truth of Eros. It is activated and influenced by physicality and proximity. To restore eroticism, we restore our deepest, most intimate connections. Eventually, we create patterns of behavior that are beneficial to combating the attempts of erotic extermination. And we also create an erotic model to be imitated.




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