A Petition to the American Academy of Religion

A Petition to the American Academy of Religion October 2, 2012

I just signed a petition to the American Academy of Religion. Organized by Carolyn Roncolato, a PhD student at the Chicago Theological Seminary, the petition notes:

In light of this year’s American Academy of Religion annual meeting initially being scheduled at a boycotted Hyatt hotel, and the problems this caused for those involved, we are working to pass a resolution at this year’s annual meeting. The resolution declares that the American Academy of Religion will not patronize a hotel or conference center that is in the midst of a boycott, strike, lockout, picketing or other labor dispute. Furthermore, the resolution declares that the AAR will add language to all future contracts that allows them to get out of a contract without paying a penalty fee if a labor dispute arises.

Roncolato adds:

In order to pass this we first need AAR members to sign the resolution before October 17th…Second, we need members to come to the AAR annual board meeting on Sunday, November 18th, at 7:30 a.m. at McCormick Place West-175A to vote for the resolution. Any member at the meeting votes and we need a simple majority vote to pass it!

If you’re an AAR member, please sign the petition, and show up to vote at the annual meeting!

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