“Mindfulness or Mindlessness?”

“Mindfulness or Mindlessness?” December 1, 2013

This video of a talk by noted Buddhist scholar Robert H. Sharf comes to us via NellaLou of Smiling Buddha Cabaret fame, and I think it is full of well-articulated points and insights that many Buddhist Americans ought to hear and discuss.

In my own ways here at the blog I’ve tried to point us away from the faddish “McMindfulness” that consumes so much public conversation about Buddhism here in America, to a fuller and richer understanding of the Buddha’s teachings; but I think Sharf does much better with his blunt and cogent explication of just how heterodox many modern ideas about mindfulness may be.

That said, I’m not sure every single aspect of the argument works — in fact, I’m curious to know what some of you out there think, so please leave comments. Overall, though, this is some damn good food for thought. Check it out.

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