An Important Mea Culpa

An Important Mea Culpa February 1, 2014

There was quite a lot in the news today about Nick Kristof’s Sunday column for the New York Times, which features an exclusive open letter from Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen whom Allen was accused of molesting when she was a child. This follows recent public comments from Farrow and her and Allen’s biological son Ronan, as well as controversy around both Allen’s recent Lifetime Achievement Golden Globe and Oscar nomination. In addition, just days ago, Allen’s PBS American Masters biographer Robert B. Weide examined and opined about the allegations, the legal proceedings that followed, and subsequent public perceptions in a lengthy piece for The Daily Beast.

I posted both Kristof and Weide’s pieces together on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging both to be read. Quite a few comments and much discussion followed (most of it on Facebook).

Ultimately, though I took down the posts on both Twitter and Facebook (and have chosen not to link to them here).

It’s a deeply troubling case, to be sure — no matter which side you’re looking at.

I’m concerned, though, that by posting about just this one case and its particulars I unintentionally, regrettably pointed readers away from larger, more immediate concerns, such as what we can and should be doing to care for abuse survivors and stop further abuse. Those should get first priority.

Additionally, since the case has been everywhere in the news and social media today, I didn’t consider until after I posted them that the articles could be triggers for victims of abuse, and so I offer my sincerest apologies if the posts were triggers for anyone out there.

What I really want to do much more urgently than anything else is stress that there’s much more we can and should be doing for abuse survivors and to protect children in the future. (Shockingly, one-in-five girls and one-in-twenty boys are victims of child sexual abuse in the U.S.) If you’re looking for ways to help or learn more, or you’re seeking support and counseling, I recommend the following:

National Children’s Advocacy Center

National Children’s Alliance

Prevent Child Abuse America


National Child Traumatic Stress Network

First Witness – Child Advocacy Center

Child Welfare Information Gateway

National Parent Helpline

If you want to recommend other resources, please do so in the comments.

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