“Only an idiot can be an atheist”

“Only an idiot can be an atheist” January 1, 2015


1972 co-winner, Nobel Prize, Chemistry
Christian Anfinsen in 1969
(Courtesy of the National Institutes of Health)


Lighten up!  I’m just quoting the guy!


I came across this online, but haven’t yet checked or identified its ultimate source:


Question:  “Many prominent scientists – including Darwin, Einstein, and Planck – have considered the concept of God very seriously. What are your thoughts on the concept of God and on the existence of God?”

Christian Anfinsen (1972 Nobel laureate in Chemistry): “I think only an idiot can be an atheist. We must admit that there exists an incomprehensible power or force with limitless foresight and knowledge that started the whole universe going in the first place.”



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