Faith and explanations

The Angelic Doctor

  To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.St. Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274)   Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

The demise of a once-great university press

From Terryl's latest

  Founded no later than AD 1096, the University of Oxford has long been regarded as one of the world's greatest academic institutions.  And Oxford University Press, which was established in perhaps AD 1480, has been widely considered perhaps the most prestigious academic publisher in the English-speaking world. But no longer. In footnote 23, above, which was brought to my attention by Stephen Smoot, a recently published volume from Oxford … [Read more...]

Three Lectures by Royal Skousen

Dr. Royal Skousen

  For those out there who would like some background information to the important material about the text of the Book of Mormon that The Interpreter Foundation recently published from Professor Royal Skousen, here are links to three lectures that he presented on the subject in the first part of 2013: 1.  "The Original and Printer's Manuscripts" 2.  "The Printed Editions" 3.  "The Nature of the Original Text" It was my pri … [Read more...]

Bad punctuation kills

Punctuation: Do it for the children

  I am what some people call a "grammar Nazi."  My students soon realize, when they turn their papers in, that I really care about punctuation, too. Commas are particularly high on my priority list, and, because the Deseret News and I disagree on the use of commas in serial lists, the publication of my column every week always causes me just a tiny bit of pain. But life goes on. The image above reminded me of the cover of Lynne Truss's … [Read more...]

Jacob 3

The City of Nephi?

  Today's chapter, Jacob 3, is relatively short, but hardly without interest. The promise of ultimate victory, vindication, and comfort given in verse 1 to innocent victims of treachery or betrayal is a comforting one, for example. But I'll focus on verse 5. That verse is striking for its flat declarations that at least some of the Nephites actually "hate" the Lamanites -- an inappropriate attitude and emotion for anybody claiming to … [Read more...]

Something wicked this way comes.

Karbala, in Iraq

  Or, at least, so says Tom Rogan.  And he may be right: The Middle East bears particular watching as 3 November approaches.   … [Read more...]

Pope Francis on evolution and the Big Bang

The transition to animal life on land   … [Read more...]

Putting America’s problem with Ebola into perspective

Kardashian and Eboal

  I agree that the Obama administration -- big surprise! -- hasn't handled the Ebola situation well. Or the immigration issue, or the health care roll-out, or Syria, or religious liberty matters, or Vladimir Putin's adventurism, or Iran, or the economy, or Afghanistan, or the rise of the "Islamic State," or Iraq, or any of dozens of other challenges.  It's not just a matter of ideology; it's a matter of competence and of paying attention. That … [Read more...]