New Testament 250

Aivazovksky painting of Jesus walking on Galilee

  John 10:19-21 Some appear to imagine that, while religious questions today are ambiguous and while contemporary religious claims are disputable and usually disputed, matters would have been much clearer had they only lived back in the days of Jesus. Passages such as this one prove that, on the whole, the imagined clarity didn't exist then, either. In this life, absent divine grace, we mostly see through a glass, … [Read more...]

Not exactly in the style of ISIS

Mt. Gerizim, today

  I wish the Middle East offered more stories like this: Not the injury to the Palestinian boy, of course. No, I'm referring to acts of kindness or service that cross ethnic, religious, and political lines.   … [Read more...]

“It’s not hypocritical to let infertile couples marry, but oppose gay marriage. Here’s why.”

Heritage banner

  From the invaluable Ryan Anderson:   … [Read more...]

“Discovery of chiasmus in Book of Mormon recounted in new YouTube video”

Chiastic X

  Ten very interesting minutes:   … [Read more...]


The greatest English writer? Other than Shakespeare?

  “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”  (John Milton) I've seen this principle demonstrated over and over again, for many years.  Sad, but true.   … [Read more...]

“An Evening with Margaret Barker and Stephen Webb”

The Interpreter Logo

  For those of you who weren't able to participate in the Interpreter Foundation's third birthday party last month, but also for those who were, the Foundation has now posted a video recording of the after-dinner question-and-answer session with Drs. Margaret Barker and Stephen Webb that was a highlight of the evening:   … [Read more...]

“For the Perfecting of the Saints”

Afsus, Türkiye

  McKay White, Stephen Smoot, Jeffrey Bradshaw, and Cassandra Hedelius gather in this, the 137th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, to discuss Ephesians 1-2, 4-6 -- which, not coincidentally, is the focus of Lesson 39 in the 2015 Gospel Doctrine manual for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … [Read more...]

“President Uchtdorf Dedicates New Addition to Church’s Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii”

Hawaii's very first LDS temple

  Anyone who has spent much time in Laie knows that it badly needed adequate lodging for visitors, and that the construction of a new hotel there will both benefit the local economy and the Polynesian Cultural Center enormously and be a significant tourist asset to Oahu's North Shore.  Moreover, it will provide wonderful internship and work-study opportunities -- practicums -- for students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Brigham Young University's H … [Read more...]