Winding down in Kirtland

    Our five days of Interpreter Foundation filming in the Kirtland area came to a close this evening.  We began the morning at the Kirtland Temple and then worked at the earliest Kirtland baptismal site, which is located between the Latter-day Saint visitors’ center and the reconstructed grist mill.  Then we spent most of the [Read More…]

“USA Today’s Editorial Board: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency'”

    They can’t bring themselves to endorse Mrs. Clinton, but they beg us not to vote for Mr. Trump:   Pretty much my own position.   Posted from Cleveland, Ohio     [Read more…]

“‘Creator of the First Day’: The Glossing of Lord of Sabaoth in D&C 95:7”

    Is this another instance of a seeming error on Joseph’s part that, on inspection, turns into a really remarkable bull’s-eye?   “Creator of the First Day”: The Glossing of Lord of Sabaoth in D&C 95:7   Posted from Cleveland, Ohio     [Read more…]

“Ancient Roman coins found in ruined Japanese castle”   This discovery ties in nicely with a link that I posted earlier:   “‘Phenomenal’ ancient Chinese skeleton discovery in London graveyard casts new light on Roman society”   And perhaps with this one:   “Ancient Semitic languages in the New World?”   It seems that ancient peoples may not have been [Read More…]

Christian Science Monitor: “New temple highlights Mormon church growth, bucking national trend”   Posted from Mentor, Ohio     [Read more…]

“ISIS Soldiers ‘Beheaded’ And ‘Cooked’ By Anti-Islamic State Machete-Wielding Woman Jihadi Hunter In Iraq”

    Wow.  It really is a rough neighborhood:   Thanks (I suppose!) to Cody Quirk for calling this item to my attention.   Posted from Mentor, Ohio     [Read more…]

From a nearly forgotten president

    James A. Garfield is largely forgotten today because he was shot only one hundred days into his presidency and died roughly a hundred days later.  If the statements that survive him are any indication, though, he might have been a very good president:   The chief duty of government is to keep the [Read More…]

“Regarding the Alleged Handwriting of Abraham”

    An interesting discussion from Ryan Larsen:   I’ve been thinking of the Book of Abraham papyri a bit today because of their connection to Ohio, and specifically because we drove through Parkman, Ohio, this afternoon — the town where Michael Chandler, who sold the papyri to Joseph Smith, farmed until his death [Read More…]

“Does archaeology have a reproducibility crisis?”

    Lately, whole scientific fields like psychology and medicine have been rocked by the realization that fraud, sloppiness, bias, and other error-inducing factors are rampant in them to a previously unimaginable degree.   Is archaeology in the same boat?   A doctoral student in the subject at University College London suggests that it just [Read More…]

A new test for identifying real prophets and apostles?

    A recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune was entitled “LDS leaders preach about religious freedom, but Utah Mormons don’t see it as biggest concern, poll shows.”   Reading that, one ardent anti-Mormon who posts up a daily storm flogging Mormonism and the Saints, claims that this proves that the apostles are “utterly disconnected” [Read More…]