Disraeli on Travel

    Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. Benjamin Disraeli     [Read more…]

“Dog of a dilemma: the rise of the predatory journal”

    This is pretty funny, and pretty sad:   Dog of a dilemma: the rise of the predatory journal   As it happens, I had a somewhat shady academic friend a number of years ago (not at BYU), who was something of an entrepreneurial type.  Every once in a while, hoping to gain favors [Read More…]

Egyptian cowards

    The other day, I suggested that the adjective coward doesn’t really fit the suicide bomber in Manchester:   http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2017/05/concerning-manchester.html   But those who opened fire on an unarmed busload of Christian pilgrims in Egypt on Friday, killing twenty-nine and wounding many more, really do deserve description as, among many other contemptible things, cowards:   “Egypt [Read More…]

“Organic Farming is Bad for the Environment”

    An interesting and provocative critique of the common wisdom:   http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/organic-farming-is-bad-for-the-environment/     [Read more…]

“Of Gays and Gentiles: A Thought Experiment”

    An interesting short piece from Stephen Smoot:   http://www.plonialmonimormon.com/2017/05/of-gays-and-gentiles-thought-experiment.html   Like him, I cannot imagine that same-sex marriages for all eternity will ever be solemnized in Latter-day Saint temples, or that same-sex marriages will be regarded as equivalent or equal, theologically speaking, to unions of men and women.   Whether you’re happy or sad or [Read More…]

“Nazareth’s ‘Synagogue Church’ where Jesus may have worshipped as a young man”

    It’s Saturday!   But alas, it’s one of those twenty-six Saturdays a year on which a Hamblin-Peterson column — typically consisting, according to some of our critics, of lies, insults, inaccuracies, and character-assassination — is published:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865680834/Nazareths-Synagogue-Church-where-Jesus-may-have-worshipped-as-a-young-man.html     [Read more…]

“Apostate Religion in the Book of Mormon”

    I’m a bit late in announcing this new Interpreter article.  But I’ve been rather busy today:   Apostate Religion in the Book of Mormon     [Read more…]

Policy and Ethics

    “Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right.” William E. Gladstone   Posted from London, England     [Read more…]

A report on our Chunnel crossing

    Somehow, in all my years of coming to Britain and France, I’ve never before taken the train from London to Paris or Paris to London.  (I’ve flown, I’ve done ferries, and I once took a hovercraft.  But no .)   This time, though, I did.  For various reasons, one of which was just [Read More…]

“The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory Is Shameful Nonsense”

    “The Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory is Shameful Nonsense”   Fortunately, I’ve been on the road in far distant places and have missed out on most fake news as well as most real news.  My life hasn’t been impoverished by that.   Posted from London, England     [Read more…]