“Ahead of Pope Francis’s Philly Visit, Media Go After Archbishop Chaput”


   I briefly met Philadelphia's Roman Catholic archbishop, Charles Chaput, when he visited Brigham Young University back in January 2015.  I had been aware of him for several years already, because he has a reputation for theological and social conservatism, and has been quite vocal about his views. Here's the relevant blog entry from 23 January 2015: I had the opportunity, today, of attending a lecture at BYU by Archbishop Charles Joseph … [Read more...]

“Psychedelic Swirls Show Algae Bloom from Space”

Wartburg bei Eisenach

  Earth can be very beautiful sometimes.  As here: http://www.livescience.com/52006-psychedelic-cyanobacteria-bloom-photo.html  Posted from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany    … [Read more...]

“The Discipleship of the Stressed”

Tissot Christ with disciples

  Greg Smith offers a bracing thought for those of us who're trying to be followers of Jesus: https://seesangelsinthearchitecture.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/the-discipleship-of-the-stressed/ Fortunately, Christ atoned for our shortfalls, which are many.  Posted from Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany … [Read more...]

“The World’s Most Astonished Atheist”

Joy Davidman (d. 1960)

  C. S. Lewis, of course, is extremely well known -- though I always want to encourage those who haven't read him to do so, and to encourage those who think they already have to read him again. But Joy Davidman, who became all too briefly his wife, is considerably less famous.  (Those who have read Lewis's A Grief Observed, or who have seen the play or the film Shadowlands, will be acutely aware of her.) This article helps to explain who she was, … [Read more...]

“Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2014″

Herodium from the air

  Have you heard about all of these? http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/december-web-only/biblical-archaeologys-top-ten-discoveries-of-2014.html  Posted from Frankfurt, Germany    … [Read more...]

“Five Reasons I Became a Latter-day Saint”

Copenhagen Denmark Temple

  One convert's perspective: http://www.aggielandmormons.org/2015/08/5-things-i-saw-in-latter-day-saints.html Incidentally, late on Friday night my wife and I ran into two missionaries in the Altstadt (the "Old City") of Erfurt as they were returning to their apartment not far from the Domplatz (Cathedral Plaza).  One was from Utah, and the other was from Montana. We had a nice chat.  At one point, I asked the elder from Montana how th … [Read more...]

Lots of Luther and a bit of Boniface

Die Wartburg, in Thüringen

  The XXI. Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions now being over, my wife and I devoted a substantial part of the day to Martin Luther.  We made a last trip down to the Erfurter Altstadt, for example -- this time to visit the Augustinian cloister where Luther lived as a monk between 1505 and 1508, and where, in 1507, he was ordained a priest.  It was in this monastery that he began to feel his way toward a doctrine o … [Read more...]

“Quantum ‘spookiness’ passes toughest test yet”

QEntPhGen by Nate Grigg

  This is rather difficult stuff, but its implications are stunning: Mind influencing matter?  Action instantaneously across potentially vast distances? http://www.nature.com/news/quantum-spookiness-passes-toughest-test-yet-1.18255  Posted from Frankfurt, Germany    … [Read more...]