Tolkien and the PC Police

Tolkien as un-PC

 I'm a major fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, which is only one of the reasons that this cartoon caught my eye. I apologize in advance, because it contains one F-bomb.  I can do nothing about that.  But, if the word would offend you too much, please don't read this cartoon. I held off posting the item for several weeks, because of the one obscenity.  ("A true gentleman," Oscar Wilde once observed, "is one who is never unintentionally rude.") I think the car … [Read more...]

Obama a war criminal, says “Cornel West”

The wonders of cosmetology

  As has been pointed out by at least two intrepid investigators, I get all of my political facts and opinions from Sean Hannity, at Fox News. Here's an item that I'd almost forgotten about: Employing his fictional "Cornel West" personality, Sean Hannity is shown here speaking at Fox News Headquarters in New York City (which, as part of his schtick, has been temporarily rechristened "The National Press Club" in Washington … [Read more...]

“Joseph Smith’s Hick Language in the Original Book of Mormon Manuscript”

JS Sr farm house

  After decades of observing them, it's pretty difficult for extreme ex- and anti-Mormon critics to astonish me. Even so, on the whole, I've been amazed at the reaction of many of them to my recent column focused on Dr. Stanford Carmack's article, now two weeks old, in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. I've been surprised at how many of them, despite their vocal and even mocking criticisms, seem actually not to have read even my short n … [Read more...]

“13 Jobs You’ll Be Surprised were Held by General Authorities”

Pope Pius XII

  I think I already knew twelve of these.  And I had heard but forgotten the thirteenth:   … [Read more...]

“James Carville: Romney will run again in 2016″

Carville the Cajun   … [Read more...]

“The Book with the Unintentionally Self-Referential Title”

Where Moroni buried the plates

  One hundred and nine (109) weeks of consecutive publication, and still counting: In this week's review article, Brant Gardner examines a recent effort to demonstrate the Book of Mormon a fraud. He isn't convinced.   … [Read more...]

Living in places like Panguitch, Malad, and Dutch John definitely has some advantages.

A California ghost town

  I expect that the tourism boards for Las Vegas and New York City won't be dancing in the streets over this one:   … [Read more...]

“The Problem with a Religious Superiority Complex”

Modern Pharisee?

  This article makes a very important point: Of course, it's fairly easy to recognize what the author calls a "religious superiority complex" in other people. Ironically, in fact, such a complex is often very obvious among the militantly anti-religious. For instance, the campaign by Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins to claim the title of "Brights" for those who reject religious belief … [Read more...]