What will happen when nobody believes in free will any more?

Near our condo

  I suppose that the best answer to that question would be that what happens will be what had to happen.  There's no way out of it; it was all set at the Big Bang, if not before. Still, as they were fated to do billions of years ago, Azim Shariff (University of Oregon) and Kathleen Vohs (University of Minnesota) have published an article in the June 2014 issue of Scientific American that considers "The world without free will: What happens to a society that … [Read more...]

“The Winooski Syndrome”

Nothing better than bacon

  The Jewish commentator Dennis Prager sees considerable significance in this very small story: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/386836/winooski-syndrome-dennis-prager So, alas, do I. But I also see a way in which I, as a non-drinker of coffee, may be able to wrap myself in the glorious robes of victimhood and, thus, manipulate those around me.  Perhaps there's even money in it!  Posted from Seaside, O … [Read more...]

Of “flotsam and jetsam”

Near Seaside, Oregon

  Have you ever wondered about the phrase flotsam and jetsam?  Have you ever puzzled over how, precisely, the one is to be distinguished from the other? Nah.  Probably not. But, walking along the shore here in Oregon, the question suddenly weighed upon me.  Because my wife asked. And here's the answer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flotsam_and_jetsam I'm pleased to say that my initial response to my wife, based … [Read more...]

1 Nephi 1

An artist's conception of Jerusalem

   Today, I offer the second installment of my project to read the Book of Mormon through in company with others here.  We begin, today, with the text of the Book of Mormon proper, with 1 Nephi 1.  (Yesterday, we looked briefly at the Title Page of the Book of Mormon.) I choose to focus on just one aspect of the very first verse, 1 Nephi 1:1: I've long thought about the adjective goodly, used to describe Nephi's "goodly parents."  I had gr … [Read more...]

On my paternal side, I come from a distinguished family of heavy drinkers.

Call responses at a bar.

  I woke up this morning with a favorite old country western tune going through my mind, and I can't get it to go away. Is there significance in this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdgKkjM4DTs  I came crawling home last night, like many nights before: I finally made it to my feet as she opened up the door. And she said, "You're not gonna do this anymore." She said: "I'm gonna' hire a wino to decorate our home, "So you'll feel more … [Read more...]

A swing and a miss!

air ball!

  It may be possible to miss the point more completely: http://www.mormonliberals.org/moralier_than_thou But I'm not absolutely sure of that.  Posted from Seaside, Oregon    … [Read more...]

Of race and contemporary dishonesty

In beautiful Detroit

  http://www.cnsnews.com/video/national/oreilly-americas-race-problem There is little doubt in my mind that he's right.  But it takes real courage in our corrupt and dishonest political culture to come out and say what he did. (Thanks to Keith Stephens for bringing this to my attention.)  Posted from Seaside, Oregon    … [Read more...]

Elder Holland in Brazil

Rio and its Lord

  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was recently in Brazil. He's posted photos from that visit, along with brief reflections on it and earlier items about various trips and speeches and the like, on his Facebook page. Have a look at it here.  Posted from Seaside, Oregon    … [Read more...]