“U.S. troops kill ISIS leader”

“U.S. troops kill ISIS leader” May 16, 2015


The logo of the Islamic State
In white, around the top: “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”
In black, around the bottom: “One banner, one people”
In the black circle, in white: “There is no god but God”
In the white circle, in black, readingbottom to top: “Muhammad is the Messenger of God”
(In other words, the inner portion of this logo incorporates the Muslim “shahada” — the testimony or profession of faith


No, not the supreme leader, the wannabe calph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Still, though, this is a fairly big deal:




If the nihilistic death-cult that calls itself the “Islamic State” is to be defeated, it must be economically hobbled.


This raid may be a significant step toward that end, and its apparently skillful execution is a tribute to the competence of the United States military.


Incidentally, for your possible interest and edification:  The nom de guerre used by the ISIS leader who was killed, Abu Sayyaf, means roughly “Father [of the] Executioner” or “Father [of the] Swordmaker.”  (Arabic sayf means “sword.”)  And his wife is known as Umm Sayyaf.  (Arabic ab or abu is “father,” and umm is “mother.”)



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