“The Jenkins Follies: Nahom and the Strawman Fallacy”

“The Jenkins Follies: Nahom and the Strawman Fallacy” July 15, 2015


Lehi's Bountiful?
A scene at Wadi Sayq
From the Ministry of Tourism of the Sultanate of Oman


Back on 1 July, on his interesting blog called “The Blade of Averroes,” Pedro Olavarria offered a helpful summation of the actual issues involved with NHM/Nahom and, along the way, illustrated how very poorly Phillip Jenkins has been handling the Book of Mormon in his now lengthy series of blogged attack-posts on the topic:


I must admit that I’ve been very disappointed in Professor Jenkins, on several levels.


For instance, Wadi Sayq, as a likely candidate for Lehi’s Old World “Bountiful,” is part of the case regarding Nahom/NHM.  However, Dr. Jenkins doesn’t mention that — perhaps, and this is the charitable explanation, because he’s completely unaware of it.


I’m mystified by the dogmatic stance that he’s taken, given the fact that he hasn’t read much, refuses to read, and doesn’t know much.  It’s been somewhat embarrassing, from my point of view.


I didn’t expect him to convert.  But I’m surprised at his curious combination of hostility and ignorance.  It’s unbecoming of a scholar.


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