About Geauga County

About Geauga County September 28, 2016


Garfield Historic Site
Lawnfield, President James A. Garfield’s summer home in Mentor, Ohio, three or four blocks from where I’m typing at the moment.  (Wikimedia Commons)


A couple of days ago, I posted an item from Mentor, Ohio, about the work that I’m involved in this week in and around Kirtland, Ohio, and I entitled it “A Report from Geauga County.”


An alert reader wrote in to point out that I was wrong:  Kirtland (and Mentor) are in Lake County.




But not what I had in mind.


Geauga County was formed from Trumbull County in 1806.  Thus, during the sojourn of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ohio during the 1830s, Kirtland (and Mentor) were in fact located in Geauga County.


Lake County was formed only in 1840, after the Mormons had left Ohio (and Missouri) to take refuge in Illinois.  (Their stay at Nauvoo, Illinois, would also be brief, of course, and they would eventually flee to more lasting exile in the Great Basin West.)


My interest in Kirtland falls squarely in the 1830s, when this territory was Geauga County.


Like Mr. Donald J. Trump, I’m always right.


Posted from Mentor, formerly Geauga County, Ohio



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