Bill Maher publicly considers becoming a Mormon

Bill Maher publicly considers becoming a Mormon February 10, 2017


Where I nearly doused Bill Maher
Restaurant Vestibül Schanigarten (Foto: Wienwiki / Johann Werfring)
This may be the very cafe, although I can’t be sure of that. I remember that it was alongside and at the corner of a large white stone building very similar to this and that there was a very similar hedge between me and my potential target.


I can’t plausibly be described as a fan of Bill Maher.


I’ve recounted the story previously, here on this blog, of sitting with my wife, my late brother and my sister-in-law, and a friend of theirs in an open-air restaurant in Vienna (I believe) several years ago, and of hearing a familiar voice.  I turned, and just to my left, talking on the sidewalk with a man and a woman whom I didn’t recognize, was the insufferable Bill Maher, the very personification of left-wing atheistic smugness.  I had just received my order of Hungarian goulash, and the thought briefly crossed my mind that pouring that goulash over Mr. Maher’s head would be a very good use of it.  Guerrilla or street theater, if you will.  Performance art.  (Cue phony hyperventilating from certain of my critics at this point, once again, about my hate-cankered soul and my violent tendencies.)  However, (a) I’m not that kind of guy and (b) I really like Hungarian goulash.


If and when it happens, I will welcome Mr. Maher’s humble repentance and conversion.



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