“A missing comma keeps Oakhurst Dairy labor lawsuit alive”

“A missing comma keeps Oakhurst Dairy labor lawsuit alive” March 15, 2017


A road to no place
You might call this “Poor Punctuation Boulevard”
(Wikimedia CC public domain)


I am a strenuous advocate of the “Oxford comma” or “serial comma.”


The Deseret News, for which I write a weekly column and co-author a biweekly column, is not.  (They may, in this, reflect a more general journalistic opposition to the serial or Oxford comma.)


Anyway, Doug Ealy has called my attention to a case that illustrates the dire consequences that can ensue when people follow evil and depraved punctuation practices:




Divine judgment, say I.


Lynne Truss’s famous book on the subject illustrate the need for appropriate commas:


Eats, shoots, and leaves might be about a cowboy in a saloon.


Eats shoots and leaves is about a panda.



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