“New book tells how Quincy offered refuge to fleeing Mormons in 1839”

“New book tells how Quincy offered refuge to fleeing Mormons in 1839” April 24, 2017


Emma Smith on the bank of the Mississippi
“Emma Smith, the Elect Lady,” by Theodore S. Gorka
Emma is shown tending the sick following the Mormon exodus from Missouri. In the background, in the upper left, the Prophet Joseph carries a child toward her.
(LDS Media Library)


Blessings on the people of Quincy in the 1830s and 1840s, and upon John Wood:




A small thing:  Whenever I’ve been in the area, I’ve always tried to spend a bit of money (for groceries, or a meal, or gas, or something) in Quincy.  It’s a very insignificant way of signaling my remembrance and my gratitude.



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