Some offerings for Easter

Some offerings for Easter March 30, 2018


Sunrise above clouds (Wikimedia Commons)


It being Friday, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published yet another article.  This one is a special message for the season, from Alan C. Ashton:


“Easters: The Eternal Atoning Sacrifice Testifies of the Everlasting Redeeming Savior”


We began the practice a few years ago of publishing personal essays or personal messages at Christmas and at Easter.  Here are the prior Easter messages that the Interpreter Foundation has published:


“The Healing and Exalting Powers of Christ Weave Together at Easter” (Ann Madsen)


“Why Did You Choose Me?”  (Joseph Grenny)


“Three Streams of Gratitude for Jesus”  (Mitt Romney)


We who are associated with the Interpreter Foundation wish you an absolutely wonderful and faith-promoting Easter weekend, filled with love and joy, and we hope that you will enjoy this weekend’s LDS General Conference:


This video from the Church — less than three minutes long — is wonderful.  And we at the Interpreter Foundation testify that its message is true:


“Because of Him — Easter 2018”




For the eight or nine years that my Deseret News column ran weekly, I often wrote a special article for the Thursday just before Easter.  Now that my column has been reduced from weekly to biweekly publication, I can no longer regularly do that — although the Hamblin/Peterson weekend column that will appear tomorrow (if not tonight) is keyed to Easter.  But here are some earlier Easter columns.  Perhaps somebody out there will enjoy one or two of them:


“The gospel truly brings joyful news”


“Christ’s resurrection was a witnessed fact, not a later fantasy”


“A great ‘cloud of witnesses’ at Easter”


“Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and C.S. Lewis on the hope of Easter”


And here are some relevant earlier specimens from the biweekly Hamblin-Peterson column that appears on Saturdays in the Deseret News:


“Holy Week aids Easter reflections”


(I should have reposted that link earlier, I think.)


“The words of Easter”


“The tomb of Jesus”


“Choosing the date of Easter and how Western, Eastern celebrations are on the same day this year”  (2017)


And here’s an excellent article by the other Peterson who writes for the Deseret News, which actually — how dare he? — casts a bit of doubt on something that I had written in “The Words of Easter,” above:


“Think Easter’s symbols are all pagan? Many are more Christian than you think”




For trivia buffs out there, with the appearance of this most recent piece, I’ve now published four articles in the Ensign — or, to put it in terms that certain others might find more congenial, I’ve somehow managed to insinuate my Satanic Communist dhimmi lies into the Church’s official magazine on four separate occasions.  These are the three prior articles:


“Comparing LDS Beliefs with First-Century Christianity”  (March 1988)


“News from Antiquity: Evidence supporting the book of Abraham continues to turn up in a wide variety of sources.”  (January 1994)


“Mounting Evidence for the Book of Mormon”  (January 2000)



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