Politisches July 18, 2018


Mr. Neville Chamberlain, PM
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in Munich, 1938 (Wikimedia CC public domain image)


It’s time, probably, for me to post some of the links that I’ve been accumulating on broadly socio-political topics lately.


First, some of you may be aware that Vladimir Putin and his approximate United States counterpart, До́нальд Трамп, joined together for a press conference in Helsinki, Finland, earlier this week, and that reactions to the press conference have not been uniformly positive.  Here are a few responses that you may or may not have seen:


First, from the superb conservative writer Dr. George Will, who chooses his words with care:


“This sad, embarrassing wreck of a man”


Second, from the man who should have been elected president of the United States in 2012 but who will almost certainly be elected senator from Utah in 2018:


“Romney: Trump’s remarks at Putin summit ‘disgraceful and detrimental to democratic principles'”


This article comes from America’s premiere investigative journal:


“Distraught Mueller Burns Every Piece Of Evidence In Case After Hearing Trump’s Critique Of U.S. Intelligence Community”


Here’s some commentary from the conservative magazine National Review:


“The Likeliest Explanation for Trump’s Helsinki Fiasco”


And this:


“Against Moral Equivalence”


Written before the Helsinki press conference:


“Mueller’s Latest Indictments Show That ‘Witches’ Are Very Real”




Not really political, but definitely socio(political):


“Sacha Baron Cohen’s Sexual Harassment, in the Me Too Era”




Some items regarding the Supreme Court of the United States:


“Trump could end up replacing 3, even 4, Supreme Court justices in his first term”


From a pair of law professors:


“Anthony Kennedy Opens New Chapter in American Pluralism”


A very interesting and actually quite nonpolitical piece from the Religion News Service:


“Why Catholics and Jews dominate at the Supreme Court”


From Vox:


“What Brett Kavanaugh’s past decisions on religious liberty mean for the future of SCOTUS: Kavanaugh will move the Court sharply to the right — but some conservative critics say it’s not enough.”


From Christianity Today:


“Brett Kavanaugh Is a Good Supreme Court Pick and the Reason Many Voted for Trump: A more conservative court is good for America in many ways.”


From one of my favorite conservative commentators, writing in National Review:


“The Kavanaugh Pick: Lamenting an Opportunity Lost”


Another, from the same writer:


“So, Brett Kavanaugh Is Going to Kill People Now?”


And, yet again from the same writer, this article, which I believe to be making a very, very important point:


“How the Kavanaugh Nomination Reveals a Deep Challenge to Our Democracy”


This, too, is a good piece, worth reading:


“Brett Kavanaugh and the Many Sides of Trump: He’s outsourced the Supreme Court to the establishment.”



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