Fish oil, fish smarts, and intelligent protons

Fish oil, fish smarts, and intelligent protons November 12, 2018


Tabgha mosaic
A detail of the famous ancient mosaic at Tabgha, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, traditional site of the New Testament miracle of the multiiplication of the loaves and fishes (Wikimedia Commons public domain image)


“Vitamin D And Fish Oil Supplements Mostly Disappoint In Long-Awaited Research Results”


Actually, I wasn’t entirely disappointed.  That word mostly in the headline leaves out possible striking benefits with regard to heart attacks.  No small thing, that, if it pans out.




In the meantime, an issue that might arise in the effort to obtain fish oil, but that is otherwise pretty completely unrelated:


“Do fish feel pain? Scientists are divided on the answer: Fish expert suggests hypotheses and objectives have been tampered in body of research”




Please notice, incidentally, how smoothly I’ve moved in this post from fish oil to fish intelligence.  And now, I proceed on from fish intelligence to the intelligence of even the tinest particles of matter:


“Could Consciousness All Come Down to Vibrations?”


This argument for a kind of panpsychism inescapably reminds me of Orson Pratt’s speculation that all matter is inherently active, self-moving and therefore “intelligent in its sphere,” and his positing of the existence of “ultimate atoms” that cannot be subdivided and that therefore suggest the existence of a universe that is “intelligent in all its parts” and that is eternally indestructible.


As part of the online description of the 1991 anthology The Essential Orson Pratt put it,


Pratt’s most controversial speculation was that atoms, then thought to be indestructible and indivisible, were intelligent, self-conscious, sentient, self-propelled particles which bonded together to form colonies in the shape of plants, minerals, animals, humans, and gods, and which were tutored over time in the “great school of the universe.” 




Here’s some good news — for those who may be worrying about whether they’re genetically foredoomed to short lifespans — with a distinct Utah and even Latter-day Saint connection:


“Family tree of 400 million people shows genetics has limited influence on longevity: Study of huge pedigree set suggests similar life spans between spouses may have inflated previous estimates of life span heritability”


What’s the connection to Utah and even to the Church? is headquartered in the Utah Valley town of Lehi, and there can be little reasonable doubt that the population of Utah tends to have a somewhat higher interest in family history and genealogy than the people in most states do:


Posted from Park City, Utah



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